Curatorial Projects

Rosalind Davis is the permanent Curator at Collyer Bristow Gallery, a dedicated bespoke gallery space based in a law firm in Holborn, London with a dynamic exhibition programme. Within the legal world, Collyer Bristow has been championing emerging talent in contemporary art for 25 years. Rosalind Davis began her role at Collyer Bristow Gallery in 2016 and curates three group exhibitions per year showing a diverse range of talented artists from new career to established artists and works site specifically on the themes of her exhibitions.

Rosalind also curates independant shows outside of Collyer Bristow including at Arthouse1 and Standpoint Gallery in which she also shows her work in context with her peers.
To date she has curated 30 exhibitions.

Current exhibition at Collyer Bristow Gallery, London
EX.18 Front


EX.18 Back

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