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Rosalind Davis is the permanent Curator at Collyer Bristow Gallery, 4 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4TF.

The Collyer Bristow Gallery is a bespoke gallery space with a dynamic exhibition programme. Within the legal world, Collyer Bristow has been championing emerging talent in contemporary art for 25 years. Rosalind Davis curates three group exhibitions per year.

Current exhibition as Curator at Collyer Bristow Gallery, London

In the Future Invite

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Featured in Paul Carey-Kents Top art exhibitions
Law firm Collyer Bristow have, remarkably, now been using their offices to show art for 25 years*. And they’re big shows: 60-odd works by 20 artists appear in regulator curator Rosalind Davis’ latest, which uses a Talking Heads lyric even older than the gallery to set off thoughts about what the future might be like. Any danger of sci-fi similitude is countered by plenty of wit (eg Kitty Sterling, David Worthington, Sasha Bowles) and a good sprinkling of retro-futurism (Tim Ellis, John Greenwood and young German Arno Beck, who has the surprising idea in one of his age of using a typewriter to convert digital images into deliciously delicate analogue equivalents).

Featured on Art Top 10. Watch a Curatorial overview of In the Future with Rosalind Davis talking to Rob Dunt. here.

Collyer Bristow presents Make_Shift Curated by Rosalind Davis
October to February 2018.
Collyer Bristow Gallery, 4 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4TF
MakeShift landscape web 72dpi amends2409

To fold, to mark, to gather, to collect, to surround, to encircle, to hang, to distribute, to systematize, to simplify, to distill, to remove, to discard, to disarrange, to modulate, to mix, to bond, to stretch, to join, to repair, to expand. to continue…
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Watch the videos of Rosalind talking about the exhibition StrangeLands here
Plus artists in the show discuss themes in their work and exhibiting in StrangeLands and at Collyer Bristow Gallery
Kelly Sweeney
Freddie Robins
Gibson Martelli
Mollie Tearne
Richard Ducker

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And finally you can also see the online catalogue of the exhibition here designed by Michaela Nettell here 
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EXCEPTIONAL: The Collyer Bristow New Graduate Exhibition and Award.
Collyer Bristow Gallery, 4 Bedford Row, London, WC1V
February - June 2017
Artists:Jonathan Armour, Diane Chappalley, Corinne Charton, Lorraine Fossi, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Caroline Jane Harris, Oliver Hickmet, Amanda Houchen, Benedict Hughes, Sarah Jenkins,
Kate Lennard, Emmanuelle Loiselle, Alice McVicker, Amanda Mostrom, Graham Murtough
Louise Pallister, John Richert, Diane Rogan, Celia Scott, Flora Scrymgeour, Antonia Showering
Odilia Suanzes, Dina Varpahovsky, Fiona Wallace and Fouzia Zafar.

"The art works are intriguing and provoking.... cleverly and imaginatively curated..."
Read the full review of the exhibition here by Robert Dunt,

'Exceptional' not only introduces a talented selection of recent graduates, but questions the white cube's easyreading by presenting works in an environment which challenges and enriches how they are seen.”
Read the full review of the exhibition by Jillian Knipe here

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Exceptional Artist list

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Sasha Bowles, Rosalind Davis, Justin Hibbs, Evy Jokhova and Gibson/Martelli.
A residency commencing in an exhibition curated by Rosalind Davis.
12-22 October 2016
Arthouse, 45 Grange road, London, SE1

Shapeshifters at Arthouse1

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Telling Tales

Collyer Bristow presents Telling Tales Curated by Rosalind Davis
‘now here was I, new-awakened, with my hand stretching out and touching the unknown, the real unknown, the unknown unknown.’ DH Lawrence.
Exhibition 14 October- 15 Feb 2017
Collyer Bristow Gallery, 4 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4TF
Artists: Sue Williams A'Court, Iain Andrews, Helen Bermingham, Su Blackwell, Gordon Cheung, Ami Clarke, Graham Crowley, Ben Coode-Adams, Peter Davis, Adam Dix, Annabel Dover, Tom Down, Richard Galpin John Greenwood, Monica Ursina Jager, Evy Jokhova, Stella Kajombo, Sandra Lane, Simon Leahy-Clark, EJ Major, Eleanor Moreton, Tim Shepard, Lex Thomas and Emma Talbot.

“A fascinating exhibition that lures you in gently, and then slowly seduces you, until you find you’ve entered another world, another reality, the unknown. A superb and cleverly curated show” Rob Dunt. Art Top10. Read the full review here.

“Fantastic Exhibition. Highly recommended.” Anna McNay, Art Writer.

“Truly fantastic #TellingTales exhibition opened last night @collyer_bristow_gallery @rosalindnldavis did a wonderful job curating the exhibition. We left feeling inspired. Magical is not an understatement.Do not miss!” Luminaire Arts Gallery

" A really fascinating and intelligent show...engrossing, insightful and intelligent. Spectacular!" Graham Crowley

“This group show is exceptional & full of intriguing paths to follow and rabbit holes to fall down.” Plastic Propaganda- an arts collective

Telling Tales

Telling Tales is an exhibition rooted in fiction, where worlds, truths and realities are created, dismantled and questioned. Examining ideas of belief, the nature of reality and the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of our existence as Lex Thomas describes in her work. The exhibition traces the fragile lines, the exhibition traces the fragile lines between utopian fantasy and its dissolution into dystopian realities. The artists here are testing alternate narratives, realities and blueprints, examining life stories and unravelling (other)worldly designs…. This exhibition shows a spectrum of artists from the ages of 19-84 years old. Twitter: @CBGallery1 Instagram: @collyer_bristow_gallery #tellingtales


Complicity: Artifice and Illusion
Exhibition 3 March - 7 June 2016
Artists: Hermione Allsopp, Sasha Bowles, Guy Bigland, Mel Brimfield, Alastair Gordon, Andrew Grassie, Justin Hibbs, Debbie Lawson, Peter Liversidge, Gibson/Martelli, Helen Maurer, Damien Meade, Marion Michell, Clare Mitten, John Richert, Joella Wheatley and Virginia Verran.
Curated by Rosalind Davis
"A cracking show. The private view was absolutely packed with an eclectic combination of lawyers and artists, all rounded off by Nicholas Serota arriving to look closely at the artworks while dressed in his customary long grey raincoat and briefcase..."
- Robert Dunt on
Art Top10

View the online catalogue here.
Collyer Bristow Gallery, 4 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4TF


Full Press release and more info on Complicity here.

Geddes Gallery

Curated by Sasha Bowles, Rosalind Davis and Evy Jokhova
Geddes Gallery
25-27 February 2016

Situated in a dilapidated Delicatessen and two domestic upper floors. The building is filled with evocative spaces loaded with resonances from former times and an interesting shift from the shop area to domestic dwellings.

COUNTER_FITTERS invites visitors to explore the building in its transitory state through a succession of curated rooms and site specific installation.
Hermione Allsopp / Helen Bermingham / Sasha Bowles/Rosalind Davis / Janes Hayes Greenwood/Justin Hibbs/Evy Jokhova / Nick Kaplony /Caroline Lambard / Alex March / Marion Michell / Michaela Nettell / Freddie Robins / David Ben White / Alice Wilson / Ben Woodeson
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No-One Lives in the Real World
No-One Lives in the Real World

No-One Lives in the Real World
Standpoint Gallery, Coronet Street , Hoxton
20 February-21 March 2015
Sasha Bowles, Rosalind Davis, David Kefford, Michaela Nettell, Srinivas Surti, Annabel Tilley, Rachel Wilberforce, Timothy Shepard & Evy Jokhova
Curated by Zeitgeist Arts Projects; Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley. ( Zeitgeist Arts Projects)
‘No-one (Freud announced) lives in the real world. We occupy a space of our own creation - a collage compounded of bits and pieces of actuality arranged into a design determined by our internal perceptions, our hopes, our fears, our anticipations.’ W. Galin

No-one Lives in the Real World is an exhibition about incongruous spaces, absurd structures and fragile worlds featuring artists who share an affinity for the use of collage in their work – both the literal cutting out and sticking down or the re-assembling of elements from different times & contexts including art history, architecture, literature, nature & technology. Through the mediums of sculpture, drawing, painting, print, photography, video & installation we encounter conversations about imperfection, fragility and otherness.

Echo Chamber
Rosalind Davis, Caroline Lambard and Michaela Nettell. Curated by Rosalind Davis.
October 2014
Bond House Gallery, London, SE14 6BL
Part of the Artlicks Weekend and Deptford X Arts Festival.

Echo chamber is an exhibition and exchange between three artists: Rosalind Davis, Caroline Lambard and Michaela Nettell. Each is interested in the perceptual experience of space and form. ‘Echo Chamber’ in this case refers to a gallery in which ideas, processes and materials are brought together to reverberate one against another. Here, shared rhythms and ways of working can be observed and new thoughts and practices set in motion.
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Curatorial Projects with Annabel Tilley for Zeitgeist Arts Projects can be found here.
Echo Chamber