Rosalind Davis is an artist whose central concerns are transformation, space, process, material and surface and is informed by architecture.
Beginning with the rationalised and objective geometries of architecture Davis creates a multifaceted set of spaces; re-visualizing, constructing and reconfiguring architectural elements to create multi-dimensional environments. Her paintings and drawings act as a starting point that connect and disconnect both physical and psychological boundaries, where complex interior and exterior spaces are collaged together and abstracted. Threads often intervene in her works; their tautness dissecting boundaries and creating shattered geometric planes, the imagery being literally pinned down, sewn up and threaded together. The use of thread often traditionally refers to the feminine and domestic activity of making, repair and creation but here consciously punctures the predominant male domain and hard edged aesthetics of modernist architecture, geometric abstraction and design.

The related modular sculptures physicalize and expand the experiential element of the paintings. Using steel frameworks, luminous perspex sheets, thread and painted canvases they act as an architectonic model that the viewer can navigate and compose for themselves. The installations, as with the paintings have a disorienting and subjective character, establishing a relationship between the personal and the systematic. This highlights a disparity between the imagined and real re-claiming the failed ideals of modernist space, intimating a more personalised space of one’s own creation.
Rosalind Davis. Haus Konstructiv